Push + Discussion (Eng. text)

The documentary film PUSH investigates the rise in housing prices and the consequences of this for people and cities.

As we are facing a global housing crisis on account of the 'finansialisation' of the housing market by actors such as Blackstone, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Leilani Farha travels the world to understand this new phenomenon. The film follows her fight to reclaim housing as a human right and also gives perspectives on the issue from leading thinkers such as Saskia Sassen (Professor of Sociology, Columbia University) and Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate in Economy).

At this event, the screening of PUSH will be followed by a panel debate in which we along with three highly competent panellists explore the consequences and challenges in Sweden of actors such as Blackstone.

The event is in English.

The Spatial Design and Society Network is a network of and for students and graduates of the Master's programme in Spatial Design and Society at Roskilde University, Denmark. This event is a part of a study trip to Lund and Malmö organised by the network on the 4th of October.

One of the purposes of the network is to discuss pertinent issues relating to cities, urban development, design, technology and architecture.


fre 04 oktober: 18:00