Artists in Isolation Residency

Artists in Isolation Residency is the second season of FISH TANK at the street level foyer of Biograf Panora Malmö, early summer 2020.

The residency is an initiative to find alternative, physical stages beyond digital spheres during covid-19 and make use of a semi-public space, closed to the public during the pandemic. The residency can be witnessed through the windows of art house cinema Panora.

FISH TANK presents the following Artists in Isolation:

PAPER WORKS [performance]

May 25 - 29, 10am - 2pm daily
Maria Norrman, Johan Lundin, Emie // Eva-Marie Elg

GALLERY EXTRA [performance]

June 3, 7pm - 8pm
Personal SPA TV present Maria Norrman - Millennium Star-gazer

LEIF HOLMSTRAND [video loop]

June 4 - 5 
AWAKENING FILM (FIRST SQUARE), a short video based on art happening documentation shot at Panora for FISH TANK 2019.


För tillfället är inga visningar inplanerade.